School bulk purchase program

Our bulk purchase program

ODSS is happy to support schools and outdoor programs with bulk purchasing options. We will work with you one-on-one to determine the best gear for your program, region and budget. If you do not know where to start with the buying process and just need guidance – reach out! We can assist with supplying information to support your grant writing and will help you maximize your gear award or budget.

Alyssa or Abigail on our team will be able to help! Email:

Ordering times

The ideal time to create your order has gotten much earlier. With so many issues in supply and delivery, brands need commitments much earlier! Ordering early, preferably in November, will allow you to reserve product for the following school year. If you are looking for a January delivery for spring semester, let’s create your order in March.

By having your order in early, you will go to market with us and have flexibility to choose. This means we can reserve additional sizes outside our normal size range, preferred colors & styles. It's a great way to get exactly what you want!

If you are ordering in season, we are limited to certain styles, colors and sizes but we will do our best to work around any timing! Bulk discounts are determined based on the volume you purchase.

ODSS Testimonials

Hummingbird Hill Collective: Heather

All in one place. I don’t have time to go here and there! I order for the variety of trusted brands, women-owned, amazing customer service, and bulk order discount! Every penny counts BUT you get what you pay for. I want my purchases to last more than a season or year! I know that ODSS stands by its products and works closely to get your order perfect! I recommend them to everyone … parents, colleagues locally and at conferences afar!

Little Bugs Nature Preschool: Lisa

We are now the proud owners of two bulk order set of rain bibs- with more items to order soon. I wanted our bibs to be as brightly colored as possible! Wearing our yellow and orange gear makes supervision and safety easier. Our community members love seeing the kids in their bright gear and always comment on how wonderful they are. Ordering clothing gear in bulk instills a sense of equality and it promotes a feeling of community among my little learners! It also makes dressing so much easier, because our bibs are the same size and color for all the children. We are grateful that Outdoor School Shop provides a discount for programs like mine, and is also able to make recommendations for the best products.

Wind Ridge Schoolhouse: Laura

When all students have the same gear, it establishes a positive common denominator which fosters equity and inclusion.

First Place Kids: Ilana

Just wanted to give you a tremendous THANK YOU for the generous support of OutdoorSchoolShop in the purchase of rain gear for the little ones in our program, it is exactly what we were looking for! The children have been able to enjoy our play garden during the springtime rain and many parents have delighted in seeing them in their matching blue suits.

It is such a gift to empower children navigating homelessness to explore the outdoors in a safe, warm and therapeutic way.

Muddy River Nature School: Lindsay

We value an environment which promotes equality and inclusion. This is why we provide almost all the gear needed for each child. Regardless of the family’s socioeconomic status, each child has the same quality outside gear to stay warm, dry and safe. We keep outdoor learning fun at @muddyrivernatureschool.

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