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Here at Outdoor School Shop (ODSS), we have worked in the children’s outerwear market for quite a while and have been following the development of outdoor education closely, both as parents and as industry insiders. What we saw was that gear was one of the greatest challenges for both parents and teachers alike. Everyone realized that the success of the outdoor curriculum depended in part on students having the correct gear. Without legitimately waterproof outerwear, children would be uncomfortable and potentially blame their discomfort on the program rather than the gear.

We were not seeing any other players addressing the needs of outdoor school with a comprehensive A-Z product assortment for every type of outdoor school in every region of North America. Parents were tired of searching for gear and browsing countless websites and stores looking for the items on their children’s back-to-school gear checklists. Teachers were tired of trying to find vendors and sources who could supply what they needed. We are confident you will find everything you need for your child at ODSS for a happy, warm, and engaged outdoor school experience.


We are happy to provide parents with a wealth of knowledge and resources to assist you to embrace the outdoor school experience:

  • We built an Outdoor School Directory for North America – just plug in your zip to find a program nearby
  • Want to understand the difference between a farm and forest school? We got you! Read the What and Why 
  • We have demystified the science of layering! Check out our layering guide 
  • Need a gear checklist? We have created them by region! Check out our Regional guide 
  • We also have a Book Nook for you to browse with titles that lend insight into the wonder and uniqueness of outdoor school education

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