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After Trade-In is Received & Accepted, Credit Gets Deposited in your ODSS Account.  

Trade-in values are not guaranteed. Make sure you read thru our FAQs and Terms & Conditions so you are not disappointed. Items sent in which do not meet requirements will not receive credit & can't be returned.


ODSS supports a wide range of categories for kids' outerwear trade-in, including base, mid and outer layers but not everything and not every brand. Use our reference price list here as a guide to the categories of items we accept and see what brands we accept here. Keep in mind, we also accept selected adult items and you can find those items on our reference price list.

We have tried to make the process quick and simple to follow! See the step-by-step directions on our (Re)PLAY program page – just scroll up from here. You will be directed to our trade-in portal and there you will be prompted on how to trade in. During the quick trade-in process, you will be able to request a mail-in label on our portal page. The cost of this label will be deducted from your trade-in value. The cost is $7.95.

Please use general common sense when selecting items for trade in. What would you be comfortable buying used for your child? In terms of more specific guidance, ODSS cannot accept the following types of trade-ins:

  1. Items that are not included in our approved category of trade-in items will not be accepted and cannot be returned. See our reference price list here to see those approved categories.
  2. Unlaundered or soiled items
  3. Damaged and not repaired items. ODSS will accept previously damaged outerwear if a credible repair has been made. We believe and advocate for repair, but it must be a quality and functional repair that does not impair a future child to adventure in the item. If you have doubts on your repaired item, better not to submit for trade-in.

You will see your exact credit once ODSS receives your items and reviews them to ensure they adhere to (Re)PLAY program terms and conditions. For estimated trade-in values, refer to our reference price list here.

Currently, ODSS only can support trade-ins from within the 50 United States.

There are no fees but note ODSS will deduct the $7.95 shipping fee from the value of your credit issued.

Anyone – yes! But everyone needs a customer account established with ODSS. Don't have one? Open here.

Use any still serviceable mailing bag or box you have handy. Make sure to use a bag or box that fits your items well; not too big and not too small. If the packaging is too big the mailing label may not support it and it adds to the carbon footprint of the process. A bag or box which is too small may be compromised during shipping.

You can use your credit at ODSS exclusively and it will not expire. Your credit can be used towards any item that ODSS sells, including books and toys.

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